Our core competencies are applicable in many ways and across domains. They are complemented by efficient approaches and methods for developing and optimizing systems.


Our competencies regarding reliable and precise localization

Sensors and Sensor Fusion 

Over and over, the increasing capability and flexibility of state-of-the art sensors – in single use or as a mix of sensors – open up new unexpected potential for our system solutions.

However, in order to economically automate systems for road traffic, railways or robotics, it takes more: a good industry and market overview, in-depth know-how regarding sensors and sensor fusion as well as relevant experience in real projects.

Our solutions and algorithms are proven in use and very efficient. Furthermore, they meet all requirements for the highest safety integrity levels and availability.

Our competencies regarding sensors and sensor fusion

  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  • Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and odometry
  • Vision Systems: video, radar, LIDAR
  • Fiber Optic Sensing (FOS)
  • mobile communication

Networks and Mobile Devices

Regarding networks and mobile devices we have maintained longterm partnerships with renowned companies.

Reliable communications and data management are the basis for all further steps and applications based on them. At the same time, data integrity, flexibility, and scalability play an important role. However, suitable approaches are needed in order to efficiently manage and analyze big data.

Our competencies regarding networks and mobile devices

  • backend systems
  • scalable architectures
  • reliable data transfer
  • data management, big data
  • predictive maintenance including trends and prognoses
  • smartphone as a multitalent for sensoring

Applying our methodological expertise, we are always one step ahead!

Model Based Design

As pioneers of model-based design, we have introduced and established this method for series development in various industries..

Based on MATLAB/Simulink we facilitate a seamless and efficient development: starting from the first steps in simulation environment via automatic code generation and up to virtual verification and validation. Thus we enhance quality and reduce development time and cost.

Our competencies regarding model based design

  • modeling and simulation of dynamic systems
  • rapid prototyping and automatic production code generation
  • verification and validation
  • real-time and embedded systems

Image and Signal Processing

Advanced image and signal processing is a key factor to automating systems and vehicles.

In close cooperation with research we deploy cutting-edge algorithms for real-time use in series products. This is the basis for a wide range of applications, e.g. as for collision detection, enforcement, telerobotics and visual odometry.

Our competencies in image and signal processing  

  • intelligent methods for signal and image processing
  • real-time capable algorithms
  • object detection and tracking without calibration and landmarks
  • internationally acknowledged cutting-edge algorithms for sensor fusion

Control Design

Many of our employees have their roots in control design.

Therefore, you may benefit from our experience in efficient control design for nonlinear systems and plants, e.g. for test stands, electric drives and linear motors as well as for piezo electric actuators. Additionally, we offer support by field-proven tools.

Our competencies regarding control design 

  • modeling and simulation
  • control systems design and parametrization
  • controller optimization and parameter studies
  • implementation and deployment