We combine the very best across industries and use synergies for the benefit of our customers. The projects are enriched by our extensive expertise in technologies and processes.


Digitization has gathered full speed in railways. New technologies find their way into railway products, and railway systems can be deployed more economically.

For rolling stock and signaling, we design innovative concepts for components, that are mainly characterized by software, and we develop standard compliant software according to CENELEC EN 5012x, 50657 (up to SIL 4).

For this purpose we apply advanced methods of systems & software engineering, e.g for requirements engineering, model based design and test, test automation as well as for verification & validation.

  • precise, safe and reliable localization
  • predictive maintenance
  • fiber optic sensing (FOS)
  • automatic train operation (ATO)


Within telematics we can provide nearly 20 years of project experience in precise and reliable localization. Developing new services can be accelerated by integrating our specific know-how and our frameworks in model based design.

We initiated several tolling schemes as time distance place and we developed numerous international demonstrators for GNSS based tolling within Europe. Furthermore, we designed various concepts and successfully passed field trials.

Our portfolio ranges from project management via implementation to the operation of backend solutions including OBU software, code generation and digital maps.

  • GNSS based tolling and enforcement
  • traffic management
  • fleet management
  • remote updates
  • value add services
  • precise and reliable localization


Considering the increasing automation and connectivity in road traffic, automotive and telematics become more an more intertwined.

This creates new potential for driver information as well as for diagnosis and advanced chassis and driving functions. Interfaces to applications as car2x and e-mobility gain in significance.

Our focus is on model based algorithm development and virtual verification and validation of safety-critical applications according to ISO 26262 and A-SPICE. This also includes test management, unit tests and code analyses.

  • car2x
  • driving dynamic systems
  • electrical rear drive
  • truck ECUs

Other Industries 

Our methodological expertise is applicable in many ways. Thus, model based design, image & signal processing and control systems design are very much appreciated in other industries and for use in further products, too, e.g.

  • entertainment
  • roller coasters
  • control technologies
  • robotics
  • forklift trucks